Here comes trouble.

Ayo! This is another attempt by me to start a blog, because I feel that sometimes a Facebook status is not enough for all the feels.

So let me introduce myself. O HAI. I’m Ramon. I currently work for Government (as my friends would say, GO!vernment haha), hence the blog name ‘7th Grade (mentally) Civil Servant’. I understand that it’s a title of a Korean movie and an upcoming Korean drama, and I feel that it’s a name that captures my personality. I’m working for one of the departments in the Executive Branch (keeping that department on the down-low for the moment) but I let loose the inner child in me.

Now, you might ask, ‘Why in heaven’s name did you want to go into government?’ My answer? I always wanted to be part of government ever since I was young. Different branches of course. The earliest of which was wanting to join the Armed Forces, which eventually morphed into wanting to be a Foreign Service Officer of the Department of Foreign Affairs (which I still plan to do after I take my Masters, whenever that will be). That dream of being an FSO inspired me to take up my course in university. Also note that the Department i’m in isn’t the DFA, but i’m loving it here nevertheless. If you want your country to change, be the change.

I’m a huge KPop fan (AND I WILL SPAZZ ABOUT KPOP EVENTUALLY ON THIS BLOG, so be warned), particularly Girls’ Generation. Deeply in love with Hwang Mi-Young/Stephanie Hwang, who is known by her stage name Tiffany Hwang. Born on August 1, 1989, in San Francisco, California. Grew up in Diamond Bar, California. Has a brother, Leo, and a sister, Michelle.


Am also a huge Trekkie, and a James Bond fanatic. Oh, am a Techie too so I might even review some stuff that i’m able to get my hands on. Formula One fan – I support Kimi Raikkonen, Team Lotus, Fernando Alonso, and Scuderia Ferrari IN THAT ORDER. Also a frustrated comedian so apologies in advance for bad jokes that might come your way.

Here’s hoping I update this blog regularly.

For your information and guidance.

Jigeumeun. Apeurodo. Yeongwonhi.

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