My Dream KPop Fantasy Concert Fanaccount

First, let’s acknowledge the fact that the Dream KPop Fantasy Concert held in the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds was held last January 19, 2013. Which means i’m writing this fanaccount two weeks after the fact. Which means I don’t give a damn since I still remember everything clearly like it was yesterday. Which also means, I haven’t moved on. Haha.

Second, an aid memoire to start this post. I’ve been a fan since 2009 ever since a friend of mine told me, “Ramon, stop watching Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’ and look at this”. It was the MV of Tell Me Your Wish. From there, it all went downhill (or uphill, depends on what lens you’re looking at). Anyway, there have been rumors of an SNSD concert in Manila since 2009, and since then my heart has been broken since they never happen. So in that fateful day of September 2012, somebody announced that SNSD will be in Manila for a concert in January 2013 along with some other acts (i’m not dissing the other acts mind you. Once SNSD was mentioned, everything else was a blur. I hope you understand fellow fans). It would be titled “Dream KPop Fantasy Concert”. My reaction?


^By the way, I found out about that while I was in the office. And yes, that was my response. In the office. In a Government Institution.

But then, it was semi-official because Happee Sy (the woman who helps bring Super Junior and other KPop acts in the Philippines) kinda confirmed it.

By October, it was official. Rumoured ticket prices for seats in front were around 15k. My reaction?


^Reality was, I wasn’t technically earning yet. As you know with government, you don’t get paid immediately. Hahaha.

Anyway I convinced my father to loan me some money to the tune of Php 11.3k for Standing VIP tickets which I bought in late October, a few days after ticket selling went live. (I’m still paying for my Personal Loan, btw). Decided to get SVIP because the Diamond VIP tickets were seated and I thought that it was too far from seeing my beloved Girls’ Generation and my girlfriend who doesn’t know I exist, Tiffany Hwang .

Fast forward to January 19, 2013.

Woke up at 9 AM since I said I wanted to clock in some rounds of boxing at the Elorde Gym in Makati, which I was a member of. Later in the day I would realize that was a mistake since I already strained my legs and arms early on in the day. But hey, I wanted to look good for Tiffany. After working out, I had lunch, went back home, rested a bit, took a shower, put on my ‘Girls’ Generation Make ‘Em Feel The Heat’ shirt, and with Ateneo jacket, lightstick, and Nikon point-and-shoot camera in hand, I made my way to the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds by 3PM.

Since the gates opened at 3PM and the concert was to start at 6:30 PM, I expected that I could go around MoA first. Buy a new SD card for the camera, early dinner at T.G.I Friday’s, then line up. But all that was shattered when I saw the insane lines for all gates, including SVIP. Oh and before that, dad wanted me to pay some bi-bi-bi-bi-bi-bills (heh Jinri Park reference. She’s Korean hihi) first at SM. So after I paid the bills, I ran to the entrance, stage left where PHSONEs were planning to meet up where a long line was waiting for me. I also bought a pink light saber from the manongs going around since my little lightstick would drown in the sea of SoShi Jedis. I was scared since I was getting hungry and the most realistic timeframe for me to have dinner would be at 11 PM. So thank god for the roving McDo people. I managed to grab an apple pie to alleviate the hunger. Time check: 1600H. I didn’t know anyone, and no one even attempted to strike up a conversation so thank god for iMessage. Thank you to the person on the other end of the iMessage conversation for keeping me company for an hour before I got in the venue itself. You know who you are. 🙂 (iFany 5’s battery drained immediately so upon entry into the venue I had to use the phone sparingly)

Time check: 1730H. Finally in the venue. Did a quick check and thank heavens there was a McDo booth inside. Decided to go into the SVIP mosh pit first to do some recon then go back to the booth for some grub.

By 1800H, Mike Chan warmed up the crowds, and by 1830H, Infinite was singing and dancing on stage.

Then got interrupted because of the sound system.

Then Tasty.

Then got interrupted again by the what-the-actual-fuck sound system.

Then U-Kiss. Thank God the sound system stopped being a bitch.


Then EXO.

EXO threw out some roses to the fans so for the lolz I wanted to catch one. THEN I DID. With dozens of fangirls looking at me with shock, awe, and horror, I decided to give the rose I caught to the fangirl in the black EXO shirt in front of me.

Actual conversation:

Me: Hey, do you want this? I don’t have a use for it anyway so I thought you might want it more.

Fangirl: Really? Thank you! Thank you!

(fangirl’s BFF goes to her, *inaudible conversation*, points to me)

Fangirl’s BFF: Thank you!

Hey, I probably made someone’s night. Haha.

Anyway after EXO, it was time. Up next was the Nine Goddesses of Good Luck.

Without warning, I saw my first SNSD love Yoona on stage, and from the silent guy in the Ateneo jacket in front, I let loose the SONE in me. I fanchanted like I was watching an Ateneo UAAP Basketball game. Just replace the ‘Go Ateneo, One Big Fight’ with ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae Saranghae!’ and ‘Get That Ball’ with ‘I LOVE YOU TIFFANY HWANG/HWANG MI YOUNG SARANGHAE!’

Oh, good thing I gave that rose to that fangirl, because when SNSD started performing, she and her friend gave me some room.

Anyway, they performed Tell Me Your Wish, The Boys, Hoot, Dancing Queen, Gee, and I Got A Boy in that order. Dancing Queen and I Got A Boy was performed for the first time outside of Seoul that night.

My fancam for Dancing Queen:

My fancam for Gee:

It was a magical night. For me to see them fany-ally in person was worth the wait. I was fanchanting like crazy and was on the verge of tears. It also helps that SeoHyun waved at me as I was hysterically screaming out her name while she was being interviewed and Yuri was looking at me when I snapped a photo of them.



Thank you also to my beloved Tiffany for telling everyone her family was watching and that they’re based here. You don’t know how your Filipino disciples are now taking it as a challenge to look for them. Hahaha.

They promised to be back soon, after showing them our love. We thought they’d never come.

I left the concert fulfilled and overjoyed. I also left the concert without a voice for the next few days. As I was walking out, someone tapped me on the shoulder, and lo and behold I saw my friend clara ( with her friends (I knew my Ateneo jacket was handy somewhat) so I joined up with them for a bit and chatted about all our feels about DKFC. I apparently looked tired but was in SoShi heaven due to my dazed look. Hey, I was standing for 5 hours. Who wouldn’t get tired?

To end, here’s a line from SNSD’s Dancing Queen that sums up perfectly my entire fanboy life. The line was ironically sung/rapped by no less than Tiffany herself.

“I don’t care what anyone thinks cause you’re the one who makes me dance. You’re one the who makes me sing. Can’t nobody be my dancing queen but you.”

Jigeumeun So Nyeo Shi Dae.

Apeurodo So Nyeo Shi Dae.

Yeongwonhi So Nyeo Shi Dae.

So Nyeo Shi Dae Saranghae!

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4 thoughts on “My Dream KPop Fantasy Concert Fanaccount

  1. clarascookie says:

    Amputek. Talagang “wanted to look good for Tiffany.” I think you Sones will have the most difficulty in getting over it. I mean, how long have you guys waited for them? BTW: Any luck finding your in-laws?

  2. Waaa. Annyeong Ayoherecomestrouble!^^ Kkkk..
    I’m so glad to have seen your DKFC fan acct^^
    A proud SONE here~~
    I also went to the concert.. When I read your post, it felt like the concert just ended yesterday! Reminiscing the good times ❤
    Thanks a looot^^

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