Invincible Youth and Reality Television


Before I get on with my thoughts on Invincible Youth, I’d like to address a question that would probably be forming in your minds as of this moment.

7th Grade Civil Servant, why are you posting your thoughts on something that was aired from 2009 to 2010???

-It’s never too late to post your thoughts about something you feel so passionately about 😉 plus, in 2009 I was just a rookie in the KPop world so you’ll have to forgive me for being late with stuff 😛

7th Grade Civil Servant, you haven’t posted in two weeks.

-I know, right? I did my first posts when I was still on two weeks leave. After that I had to go back to work so I wasn’t able to creatively form an idea for my next post. Work got in the way. HAHAHA

7th Grade Civil Servant, another post on a KBS show?

-Yeah, because I could only afford the basic Korean package so that’s why I could only watch KBS World and Channel M. I wouldn’t pay an extra Php 900/month for the complete Korean pack. MBC and SBS aren’t subtitled. Haha.

Permission to carry on. Really? Okay then.

Short rundown. Invincible Youth is a variety/reality show that involves popular KPop girl groups called the G7 (or whatever number of girl group members the show has for its season), or Girl 7. For Season 1, the G7 consisted of


Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) – Adult-dol

Sunny (Girls’ Generation) – Sunkyu

Yuri (Girls’ Generation) – Nation’s Daughter-in-law

Hara (KARA) – Hara Goo

Hyomin (T-ara) – C.E.O or Completely Edited Out girl

Sunhwa (Secret) – White Paper Sunhwa, Wet Feet Sunhwa

Hyuna (4Minute) – Whining Hyuna, Maknae


Noh Juhyeon – Village Chief

Kim Taewoo – Bear Taewoo

Kim Shinyoung

Nam Huiseok – Uncle Huiseok

Now over the course of Season 1, the G7 was replaced due to the exits of Hyuna, Sunny and Yuri due to their commitments. Kim Sori, Victoria of f(x), and Jooyeon of After School were their replacements.

The G7 and the MCs stayed in Yoochiri Village in Hongcheon for about a year, where they learned to be self-sustainable by growing their own crops and taking care of livestock like the cow Greeny and the chickens Invincible and Young’un. Also, they help out the community by providing services such as babysitting, tutoring, harvesting, and the like.

Now, while watching the show, a single thought came into my mind: this must be one of the best reality shows i’ve seen on TV (although Uncle Huiseok said in one episode 51% of the show is reality and the other half is scripted to be completely honest about it. But hey, aren’t most reality shows like that too? Haha). Don’t get me wrong, I love shows like The Amazing Race, but sometimes I get tired of the emphasis on conflicts. For example, one of the reality shows here in the Philippines would invite some stars to do some challenges but the emphasis would always be on the stars getting tired, getting into conflicts with other stars because they’re tired, wanting to quit the show because of the conflicts they got into, freaking out when asked to eat something that seems out of the “ordinary” etcetera while Invincible Youth shows idols doing what ordinary villagers do every day without complaints.  Even the mundane task of cleaning up cow poo could even be turned into a funny game in Invincible Youth! You could also see how the well established idols do not draw attention to themselves and instead help out the rookies who needed the exposure during the time (Sunhwa and Hyomin). Plus, I also believe that the show is a good way to promote tourism in the countryside because you get to see the beauty in the simplicity of the mountains and the fields.

I think KBS could have a potential goldmine with the show if they franchise it out, given that the franchisees stay true to the ideals of the show: self-sufficiency, teamwork, the ethic of an honest day’s work, and everyone should be having fun.

And if they decide to make a Philippine version, I volunteer as PD. Haha.

청춘은 지지 않는다~ 청춘~ 불패!


My mom’s now a fan of Yuri because of IY since it became a family thing. She keeps on saying “Wow, ang ganda talaga ni Yuri!” (English: Wow, Yuri’s so beautiful!)  I tried to show her photos that I took during the Dream KPop Fantasy Concert and she’s all like “I just want to see Yuri”. No wonder Yuri’s the Nation’s Daughter-in-law. My dad now can match some of the faces to the Korean pop groups whose songs he keeps hearing in the car. Haha.

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