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Invincible Youth Season 3 According to the 7th Grade Civil Servant turned PD (Oooh it rhymes)

Note: No, people. No Invincible Youth 3 has been planned/is planned/or being planned. This is just a what-if for me, so don’t go looking for news articles for an announcement. For your information and guidance, please. 🙂

Yes. Invincible Youth was like a bullet train that hit me hard (you’ll find my thoughts on Season 1 in the earlier posts of my blog: So yesterday, I decided to watch an episode of Season 2, particularly Episode 5 where Sunny and Suzy go back to Yoochiri and Sunkyu gives the Giant Maknae a tour of the old idol village, introduces her to Village Chief Noh, Village Chief Wangoo, and the famous Road Lee, and reminisces about the times they spent as G7. I understand that Season 2 was not exactly the hit Season 1 was, and some fans have been clamoring for a Season 3 to absolve the “sins” of  the previous season. I was looking around for some discussions on KPop forums on what some fans think on how the G7 should be constituted. One comment that amused me was forming a G12(!) with the original G7 (sorry to Jooyeon, Sori, and Victoria if that would be the case) and the G5. Some believe that IY sunbaes such as Sunny, Hara, Hyoyeon, and Yewon should be part of the Gn while having new members. Some believe a spin-off having a B7, or Boy 7 should happen.

All of what i’ve stated above are interesting ideas and what-ifs, but in my opinion, I believe that the new Gn should be a clean break from the past. That would mean as much as I would love to include Yewon (because I believe she was really trying her best in Season 2) and Sunkyu (due to her experience, and the bridge that would connect all seasons together, heck, she could even be the new host!), I think this might cause comparisons with the previous seasons.

So if I were the PD for a possible IY3, this is how I would cast it: Continue reading

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Soliloquy for Shin Hye: The Memory of One’s First Love

This was one of the photos on my Freshman High School Clearbook.

This was one of the photos on my Freshman High School Clearbook.

I know very well that Park Shin Hye was in Manila for a fan meeting last weekend (March 16 to be precise), and as much as I really wanted to go, I couldn’t afford it. Yes, I know some of you are going to say “BUT YOU BOUGHT AN PHP 11K TICKET FOR GIRLS GENERATION WHO ONLY PERFORMED SIX SONGS” but I was being trying to be fiscally responsible (damn, the terms I get from my job) hence a Php 5k ticket for a chance to meet her and get an autograph seemed impractical. I wanted to buy the silver ticket which was half the price but still, by then I was low on funds and I need all the money I could squeeze out of my poor poor bank account.

Oh yeah, those six songs were worth every damn peso.

Now why did I want to see Park Shin Hye? Because she was my first Korean love. 

Since I wasn’t able to see Shin Hye, I dedicate this blog post to the memory of my crush on Park Shin Hye, Stairway to Heaven, and how I drowned in the Hallyu Wave.

AYO STOP. LET’S BRING IT BACK TO 2004 (heh I Got A Boy reference)  Continue reading

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