Invincible Youth Season 3 According to the 7th Grade Civil Servant turned PD (Oooh it rhymes)

Note: No, people. No Invincible Youth 3 has been planned/is planned/or being planned. This is just a what-if for me, so don’t go looking for news articles for an announcement. For your information and guidance, please. 🙂

Yes. Invincible Youth was like a bullet train that hit me hard (you’ll find my thoughts on Season 1 in the earlier posts of my blog: So yesterday, I decided to watch an episode of Season 2, particularly Episode 5 where Sunny and Suzy go back to Yoochiri and Sunkyu gives the Giant Maknae a tour of the old idol village, introduces her to Village Chief Noh, Village Chief Wangoo, and the famous Road Lee, and reminisces about the times they spent as G7. I understand that Season 2 was not exactly the hit Season 1 was, and some fans have been clamoring for a Season 3 to absolve the “sins” of  the previous season. I was looking around for some discussions on KPop forums on what some fans think on how the G7 should be constituted. One comment that amused me was forming a G12(!) with the original G7 (sorry to Jooyeon, Sori, and Victoria if that would be the case) and the G5. Some believe that IY sunbaes such as Sunny, Hara, Hyoyeon, and Yewon should be part of the Gn while having new members. Some believe a spin-off having a B7, or Boy 7 should happen.

All of what i’ve stated above are interesting ideas and what-ifs, but in my opinion, I believe that the new Gn should be a clean break from the past. That would mean as much as I would love to include Yewon (because I believe she was really trying her best in Season 2) and Sunkyu (due to her experience, and the bridge that would connect all seasons together, heck, she could even be the new host!), I think this might cause comparisons with the previous seasons.

So if I were the PD for a possible IY3, this is how I would cast it:

G7 (arranged by age)

Han Seungyeon (24) – KARA, DSP Media

Han Seungyeon (24) – KARA, DSP Media

Ailee (23) – YMC Entertainment

Ailee (23) – YMC Entertainment

Tiffany Hwang (23) – Girls’ Generation, SM Entertainment

Tiffany Hwang (23) – Girls’ Generation, SM Entertainment

Yura (20) – Girl’s Day, Dream Tea Entertainment

Yura (20) – Girl’s Day, Dream Tea Entertainment

Ryu Hyoyoung (19) – 5Dolls, Core Contents Media

Ryu Hyoyoung (19) – 5Dolls, Core Contents Media

Shin Jisoo (19) – TAHITI, Dream Star Entertainment

Shin Jisoo (19) – TAHITI, Dream Star Entertainment

Kim Namjoo (17) – A Pink, A Cube Entertainment

Kim Namjoo (17) – A Pink, A Cube Entertainment


Village Chief Lee Gye In – Promoted from Vice Village Chief in Season 1

Village Chief Lee Gye In – Promoted from Vice Village Chief in Season 1

Shin Bora

Shin Bora

Heo Gyeonghwan

Heo Gyeonghwan


I think this lineup represents different girl groups from different agencies. We have the girl group sunbaes Tiffany and Seungyeon, with either Tiff or Hammie filling the role of Narsha from Season 1, being both an unnie and sunbae to the younger ones and giving them advice. I could see Tiffany slipping into the role of Manager Hwang with the G7, or we might finally see Mi-young. Seungyeon would probably be a mix of Narsha (without the adult-dol part) and Sunny: oldest, can be the cutest. We have Ailee, who is a solo artist. Now, it would be interesting to see the dynamics between the girl group members and a solo artist, plus the fact that she’s also an American girl like Tiffany. Maybe Tiff could help acclimatize Ailee to the surroundings? We have members from girl groups that debuted in 2010-2011 such as Yura, Hyoyoung, and Namjoo that would need the exposure and this would be a chance for people to get to know them better. Then finally we have Jisoo from TAHITI, a rookie group that debuted in 2012. This might provide the push that her group needs.

For the MCs, I would have wanted to cast Noh Ju Yeon again as the village chief, but since the rationale is that it would be a fresh start, I decided on Lee Gye In, the friend of Village Chief Noh and Vice Village Chief in Season 1. Since he has shown that he has countryside skills and has handled G7 (albeit briefly) in Season 1, he would provide the stern-but-loving grandfather role to the girls, at the same time, liaison to the real village chief and the villagers. Instead of Kim Shinyoung (which fans might ask me ‘why the fuck would you mess with Shinyoung when she was one of the reasons the show was awesome I cannot even’) I decided to cast Shin Bora of Gag Concert fame. Now, her role would be the same as Shinyoung: being an MC at the same time the eldest unnie. I think she’ll provide the necessary comedy to make Invincible Youth fun while being the girls’ shoulder to lean on. Also decided to cast Heo Gyeonghwan of Gag Concert to be the other male MC. I think the interplay between him and Bora would be awesome, since they’re both comedians from the same show. He won’t be like Taewoo who became Bear Taewoo, since Gyeonghwan is smaller (haha!) but he has experience with hosting and would help charm the village folk since he’s quite popular.

Now for the location, for Season 1 we had an agricultural village, and for Season 2, a fishing village. I think that they should hold Season 3 in the mountains or valleys, with the Idol Village as a cabin. They’ll have to take care of some livestock, go fish in a nearby stream, chop some wood etc. The Idol Village should be shitty as hell, unlike the guest house in Season 2, so that eventually the new G7 would have some room to improve it and eventually make it into their home away from home.

And for the tagline, if Season 1 had ‘Youth don’t lose! Invincible Youth!’ and Season 2 had ‘Youth is Forever! Invincible Youth!’, my Season 3 would have ‘We are the future! Invincible Youth!’

Addendum (05 June 2013):

Promises to the Nation

Well, I received a suggestion a few days back to come up with the promises to the nation part on this post. If you watched  Season 1, you’ll know that the G7 came up with their promises to the nation. It’s a promise they made on national television saying what they planned to do during their stay in Yoochiri. This involved training Greeny, learning how to farm, being able to sell their harvest, joining an agricultural contest, and open a hands-on farming experience for the people.

Now given that this concept for Season 3 is going to be set in a cabin in the mountains or valleys, the tasks (and therefore, the promises) that will be done by the G7 should be in line with the location.

Promise # 1: Be a good steward of the environment

Again, I reiterate that since this is going to be set in the mountains or valleys, the G7 should promise that they will be good stewards of the environment. For example, for every tree that they use for firewood, they’ll plant a new one in it’s place.The Idol Village will now not only be self-sustaining in terms of their food, but also their resources as well. Maybe KBS could have someone install a solar panel to defray costs of electricity (with G7 helping to install) as an experiment? Also, with their use of water, G7 should make a conscious effort to reduce water usage.

Promise # 2: Promote eco-tourism in the area

Now, we’re assuming that the area they’re going to is not well-known, so G7 could make the area a hiking destination (with the environment in mind). This would be like the promise in Season 1 to open a hands-on farming experience.

Promise # 3: Be able to farm and sell their harvest

We’ll have the G7 make this promise again to the nation since they’ll need to do some agricultural work aside from the environmental work. Maybe this time they could also plant flowers that they could sell.

Promise # 4: Make a significant contribution to the community

Now, I don’t mean a huge monetary donation by this. What I mean is that G7 be able to affect the lives of the inhabitants of the community in a positive way. For example, they could help with caring for the elderly, provide tutorial services for children (or even teach children that could not afford to go to school – Hey, they have two English speakers in the G7. Maybe they could teach English!), babysit, etc. This would also endear the girls to the community.

So there you have it, 7th Grade Civil Servant turned PD’s take on Invincible Youth 3. Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions or reactions to it. Kamsahamnida!

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17 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Season 3 According to the 7th Grade Civil Servant turned PD (Oooh it rhymes)

  1. clarascookie says:

    You ought to send this to KBS. This sounds like a good idea to be honest. Although I kind of want to see a male version of this show as well. (Go on, I suggest you come up with an all-male line-up)

    • A B7? Hahaha! Interesting! I might make a follow up in the coming days. I’ll need suggestions for boy groups though. :))

      • clarascookie says:

        I’ll be biased. I think I want either EXO’s Suho as one of them. Since there’s this head canon going on in the fandom that Suho’s a rich boy, we kind of want to see how he’ll cope. And I think it’ll be funny to see the foreigner idols (like EXO’s 4 Chinese members, Khun, or generally those who didn’t grow up Korea)

  2. […] reading Ramon’s post on a potential cast for Invincible Youth Season 3, I was thinking, “Hey, why don’t we have a male cast this time?” After much […]

  3. PanPan says:

    This really seems like a solid lineup. Awesome! Everyone wants their favorite idols on the show, me included, but that wouldn’t be fair to the groups who are just debuting. I wouldn’t change a thing 🙂

    • Hi! Glad you like it! I think one of the show’s enduring charms is being able to help out the rookies (like Sunhwa and Hyomin in S1), plus allowing them to forge friendships with the girl group sunbaes. Also, practically it helps the show since if you place lots of members of established girl groups there, it will be one hell of a scheduling nightmare as experienced by Season 2. 🙂

  4. I personally wouldn’t pu Tiffany through the show due to her fears of every little moving critter

  5. this is awesome!! man.. i’m not really know few members of your version but i thinks it’s a great idea. i wonder who will take Sunhwa’s role.

    you should write the “National Promises” too. like the S1 promises were machine driving license, make their own products and the last one i forgot..

    • I think the other one was to be able to sell their products to the Nation. You know what? This sounds like a good idea! I might make an addendum to this post to make the promises to the nation (or maybe this time, to the world), something I believe wasn’t present in Season 2 (correct me if i’m wrong). Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

      • there were 5 Promises to nation. (1) Train pureum (Sunny’s cow) to become worker cow. (2) learn how to farm from the expert. (3) bring G7 products to your dinner table. (4) enter an agriculture contest. (5) open a hands-on farming experience for viewers.

        and yes.. S2 didn’t have promises to the nation.

        if you were a real PD, you need a big time to prepare these.
        send this article to KBS. XD

  6. wow dude great lineup of idols, id swap namjoo for eunji and shin bora for shinyoung but still what a killer lineup

  7. asianflysky says:

    the show alrdy ended on the first season. too many viewers selfishly wanting the ‘original’ g7 casts not keeping in mind the purpose what a VARIETY show is. the fate was drawn then of those viewers’ propaganda and exaggerated hype of the whole ‘worship’ notion where when/if one leads the rest will follow h/e in this case when one leaves the rest follows. NEway, whether cast dependent of crew or crew dependent of cast or reality’s no-script-provided; many viewers were not rdy to move on with it. IY2 did not have a chance to take it course as many/majoroty viewers were impressionably hearded away by stuck-on-feelings and prided memories for IY1.

    IY3 with the G7/G8 concept planting kpop girl idols in structurally based elements as in any given variety/reality show is intact with the originality approach.

  8. kurukochi says:

    Sooo excited

  9. White Tiger says:

    Personally i think 2 members from snsd should be included to boost ratings, namely seohyun and tiffany. Seohyun would be excellent as she would be ‘organizer’ of the show with her totally ‘perfect’ character on screen

  10. syafika says:

    It’s really a good idea.. Just sent it to KBS… I’m totally supporting you.. Good luck…

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