Whoever said it was impossible to miss what you never had? – Cyrano Agency


“I missed the times that we almost shared. I miss the love that was almost there. I miss the times that we used to kiss, at least in my dreams. Just let me take my time and reminisce. I miss the times that we never had. What happened to us? We were almost there. Whoever said it was impossible to miss what you never had, never almost had you.” Almost, Tamia (2008)

The other day, Soshified reported that our Shikshin Sooyoung was cast in the female lead role for a new KDrama titled ‘Cyrano Agency’. They said this was to be a prequel to the 2010 movie of the same name. Curious, I decided to see what it was all about. It also helps that Park Shin Hye was also in the movie (Sorry Tiffany).

Oh yeah, you might think that it’s weird that I am quoting Tamia’s ‘Almost’, but I had this strange feeling while watching the movie that it fits. The song feels right. And I’ll explain why after I give a brief rundown of the film’s events.

Here there be spoilers.

Cyrano Agency is actually a take on the famous French play, Cyrano de Bergerac, without the facial deformities. Lee Byeong-Hoon (played by Uhm Tae-Woong) is the head of the titular dating agency which helps love struck men who can’t seem to make a move on the girl they like. They offer a service which I think is on par with some countries’ Black Ops operators. With him are Min-Yeong (Park Shin Hye – hihi), Chul-Bin (Park Cheol-Min) and Jae-Pil (Jeon Ah-Min). Byeong-Hoon started the agency in order to fund a personal dream of his: to open his own theatre where he could stage the play he always wanted to do justice: you guessed it, Cyrano de Bergerac.

After another “successful” op involving a soccer player and a coffee shop barista, they take on a new client Lee Sang-Yong (Daniel Choi), a young investment banker who has been smitten by Hee-Joong (Lee Min-Jung), a girl he met at the church. He actually laid eyes on her for the first time after she dropped her gum into his mouth when he was dozing off. Byeong-Hoon is hesistant to take on the job, but given their bills (hey, it’s not cheap to install a rainmaker and have those listening devices that fit in your ear) he reluctantly takes on the job, charging an undisclosed (and most likely, insane) amount which Sang-Yong accepts.

During the op, they try different approaches, including one that hilariously ended up with Sang-Yong being branded as the Anti-Christ. Min-Yeong notices why the boss is acting so weird, and after observing Byeong-Hoon’s behavior concludes that PLOT TWIST: Byeong-Hoon is actually Hee-Joong’s ex-boyfriend DUN DUN DUN

Byeong-Hoon tells Min-Yeong that he’s a professional and that he won’t let his feelings get in the way. He also manages to bump into Hee-Joong after being asked to attend community service and road safety class after they both got caught driving under the influence. Meanwhile, Hee-Joong and Sang-Yong are getting along just fine, with one sappy line that tugged at her heart

(non-verbatim) “I want to be like that bus covering you when you turn into a corner”

Oh, and remember how Byeong-Hoon tells us that he won’t let his feelings get in the way? SPOILER ALERT: It does. It does when Byeong-Hoon assumes that Sang-Yong is handling dirty money for loan sharks, when loan sharks were the reason that his first theatre closed. So he’s disgusted by Sang-Yong which ends up in a weird fight.

He then decides, fuck it. Fuck professionalism (my words, not his) and enters Hee-Joong’s life again. Unfortunately, when Hee-Joong played hooky with Byeong-Hoon, Sang-Yong caught a glimpse of them entering her apartment (but nothing happened). Betrayed, he lashes out at her during a car ride and she decides to break up with him.

Meanwhile, the Soccer Player and the Barista girl enters our story again because Mr. Beckham here, due to his boost in confidence, fools around. Unfortunately for Cyrano Agency, Barista girl has a scary sister with a lot of connections in the underground.

So they’re out of a job, and out of money too.

Min-Yeong tries to sever the ties between Byeong-Hoon and Hee-Joong (hint of real feelings in her acting in the wine bar heh) and after a talk with the owner (who’s also Hee-Joong’s friend that happens to hate Byeong-Hoon), he opens up to her, saying that when they were still a couple, they got into a fight that led them to not talking, that led him to fooling around with a Japanese girl, that led her to going to his friend’s apartment after a night of drunkenness.

PLOT TWIST: Nothing happened between Hee-Joong and his friend, but he insinuated it during their break up to cover up his own foolishness.

After some reflection (and a talk with Sang-Yong, who resigned from his job since he couldn’t do corrupt practices because he’s afraid that he’d hurt Hee-Joong), he decides that the Agency’s last job is to help Sang-Yong, seeing that he’s the better man for her.

They help him out with his final confession, and yes, Sang-Yong and Hee-Joong end up together.

And as for Byeong-Hoon, all is not lost. Because Min-Yeong is now enlisting the help of her fellow operatives to woo Byeong-Hoon. Heehee.

My thoughts:

Guys, let’s be honest. Would you be a wingman for your friend if you happen to both like the same girl? Imagine what if you don’t even know the guy, and let’s add the fact that he’s willing to fork over a huge amount of cash since he knows you need it.

Byeong-Hoon’s a dick for doing something like that to a woman who loved him, but he also showed at the end that he loves Hee-Joong so much that he’s willing to let her go to someone who she deserves. Someone that loves her so much that he was willing to not only fork over a huge amount of cash but actually willing to accept that he’s bad at wooing her and that he needed back up. Hee-Joong knew at the end it was Byeong-Hoon who helped Sang-Yong, and she probably also understood how painful and courageous it was. I was particularly moved by the scene where during the final confession Sang-Yong flubs his lines and that Byeong-Hoon helps him out without Sang-Yong knowing that it was the words Byeong-Hoon wanted to tell Hee-Joong. When Byeong-Hoon looked away from the monitor when they kissed, that little action of his showed the rawest of emotions. For me it meant that even though I committed myself to helping you both with your happy ending, it doesn’t mean that a part of me didn’t die.

Also, if you watch the movie, you’ll also see that Hee-Joong and Byeong-Hoon meet because of a piece of gum too. Which I think is also cruel since it wasn’t his piece of gum that would be seal his fate with her, but Sang-Yong’s.

To tie it with Tamia’s song, Byeong-Hoon and Hee-Joong were almost there. For him, it wasn’t impossible for him to miss what he never and will never have again.

Excuse me while I draft my resignation and start my own agency.

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