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Set Phasers to Fun: Star Trek Into Darkness – The IMAX Experience


Annyeong haseyo, yeorobun!

Today, allow me to review something that’s not remotely related to KPop. Not that I have outgrown my love for it (believe me, I don’t. haha), but instead, I want to expose you to another great passion of mine, one that predates my love for Korean Pop Culture. Yes, that’s right. I’m a Trekkie.

This time, I move from SM Academy to Starfleet Academy by giving my thoughts on the 2nd installment of J.J. Abrams’ rebooted (and beloved) Star Trek film franchise. And what better way to enjoy this science fiction film by viewing it in the most technologically advanced theatre system to date.

As with most of my posts, here there be spoilers. Continue reading

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What’s after ‘happily ever after’: KBS Drama Special – Like A Fairy Tale


Hi all! Apologies for not having updated my blog for the rest of April. I was swamped with you know, my day job. Setting meetings and attending meetings and all that. Plus, I have been brainstorming ideas for the next blog post. I planned to write a thought piece on the change of look of Girl’s Day, my opinion on the Gwiyomi craze in the Philippines, even a full blown love letter to Tiffany Hwang (hey, that’s not a bad idea actually). But I chose to push through with my thoughts on KBS’ Drama Special, specifically ‘Like A Fairy Tale’. It’s the first time I’ve watched Drama Special, and this particular installment got my full attention.

A few weeks ago, I had to wake up early for something (I don’t even remember why I had to wake up early), so while getting ready I turned on the telly (oh it rhymes) and Drama Special was on. I wasn’t able to start it from the beginning (and wasn’t able to finish it since I had to leave), so I thought it was a Cinderella story, guy version. But I found the scenes cute, so I decided to see if there was episodes online. I guess the Goddesses of Good Luck found favor with me since KBS World uploaded all three episodes on YouTube! There, I was able to watch the fairy tale of Myeong-Je and Jang-Mi.

By the way, here are the links on KBS World’s YouTube channel if you’re interested.

Ep 1 1/7 –

Ep 2 1/7 –

Ep 3 1/7 –

Ep 4 1/7 –

Here there be spoilers.  Continue reading

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Less words. More pics. Fun read.


We all have something good to say

Eien no Kataomoi

Sorry you got the insane one.