I’m still alive!


Annyeong haseyo, yeorobun!

7th Grade (mentally) Civil Servant here. Again, I apologize for the infrequent postings. I’ve been brainstorming ideas for future posts, and some of them I will elaborate below. I’ve also made a twitter account for this blog (@Gr7CivilServant) and an e-mail address (7thgradementallycivilservant@gmail.com) so if you guys wish to drop me a message, you guys could do so on twitter or via e-mail.

Just a quick update on my life (and work) too:

-I’LL BE GOING TO KOREA SOON! Yes, this civil servant with the mind of a seventh grader needs a vacation too! I have my tickets booked for October. Only problem now is that i’m currently looking for a good and cheap place to stay. If anyone could recommend to me some good places (and some sights to see), do not hesitate to leave your suggestions at the comments section. I’d gladly appreciate it.

-The 16th Congress of the Philippines is going to start its session in the next couple of days, and His Excellency the President will also be making the annual State of the Nation Address. Why did I mention this? It’s a sign that the office will be busier in the next few weeks. Which means AIGOOOOOOOO T_T

-Birthday’s coming up in a few weeks.

-I’m still single. Eotteoke.

Here’s also what to expect in the coming days from this blog:

-An initial review of You Are The Best, Lee Soon Shin: This baby is 50 episodes long, and as of this writing, i’m still in Episode 28. Son Taeyoung is gorgeous btw kwonsangwoodontkillmedontkillmedontkillme.

-Another non-KPop related post! This time, I’ll be reviewing a gadget: the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 which I christened Kwon Yuri (explanation will be given in that review). I fitted her with a 32 GB Micro SD card and Yuri plays my MVs with ease!

By the way, i’ve been looking at the views for this blog and I saw that the post on my hypothetical Invincible Youth Season 3 post is the most read one. Thank you everybody for taking the time to visit this little blog of mine, and I do hope you enjoy reading through it. I promise to write about stuff that would be worthy of your time. Again, thank you!

Jigeumeun. Apeurodo. Yeongwonhi.

-7th Grade (mentally) Civil Servant 🙂


3 thoughts on “I’m still alive!

  1. clarascookie says:

    I’ll help you, but I’m still digging up my notes as my room looks like a hurricane hit it. But Agoda.com should be of service to you for accomodations. As for sights to see, the usual, Gyeongbukgung Palace, Namsan Tower, if you can try visiting the Yoochiri Village, do so for me~ and you might want to head over to Hongdae at night and drink (which I wasn’t able to do since parental guidance).

    • Yup! I’m really planning to make a pilgrimage to the Idol Village (and hopefully get to see Road Lee and Village Chief Wanggoo). Should we stay near Myeongdong, Hongdae, or Gangnam? hahaha

      • clarascookie says:

        Depends. Myeongdong is strategic, since it’s near the shopping places and most tourist attractions. Hongdae has really good night life and youth culture. Gangnam, depends where you’re staying. My mom and I stayed in Gangnam, although we were near Yeoksam station, mom had difficulty going around on her own. So I’d only recommend Gangnam if you’re sure where to go. (Oh, it’s also a few stations away from Apgujeong… aka SM Ent)

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