Hail to the Chief – Girl’s Day’s Female President

Nope, that's not her.

Nope, that’s not her.


As of this writing, Girl’s Day has been defying expectations (punny. Harharhar) on their new album. Dream Tea Entertainment dropped the Expectation MV a few months back and with most Dai5ys (yes, that’s the official fan club name), we were in awe because of the suspender dance.

Who knew that after 3 months Girl’s Day would be back? Oh, and they’re not just back, they’re here to stay. And they brought Her Excellency the Female President with them.

So, if you’re not familiar with Girl’s Day, they’re a 4 member girl group made up of Sojin (27), Minah (20), Yura (20), and Hyeri (19, yes, the girl who Sung Shi Won would eat alive hah)

(L-R) Sojin (leader), Hyeri, Yura, and Minah

(L-R) Sojin (leader), Hyeri, Yura, and Minah

You’ll be surprised to know that this isn’t Girl’s Day’s first foray with a mature concept. The question of Girl’s Day going with the mature concept was not a question of if, but rather when. With Girl’s Day’s first major member shake up leading to Yura and Hyeri’s entry into the group, they started off with ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, their first attempt on a mature concept. NLF was a moderate success, but that wasn’t enough to catapult them away from the other rookie groups of 2010. It was in 2011 when they started turning heads with the aegyo masterpiece juggernaut known as ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ (I have to admit, I first learned of Girl’s Day due to Twinkle Twinkle AND NOW I’M STUCK HERE). Then, they capitalized on their good fortune and continued with the cute concept with ‘Hug Me Once’.

Going with the rule of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, they carried on with the cute concept with ‘Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander’ and after which went disco with ‘Oh My God!’ After Jihae’s departure from the group (thus leaving them as a 4-member girl group, which means it’s kinda awkward to use stylize your fanclub name as Dai5y), they gradually started moving to a mature concept. ‘Don’t Forget Me’ was the transitional song, then boom, we got Expectation and Female President.

Now on to the song. To be honest, i’m having mixed feelings regarding the song itself, just like when I first heard SNSD’s I Got A Boy. I’m just hoping, like with IGAB, it’ll creep into my ear and i’ll enjoy it eventually. The song’s lyrics reference women empowerment and that girls can confess first, love first, kiss first, and that they should not be afraid to do so. The lyrics also reference the fact that South Korea has a female president (Park Geun-Hye) already so girl power. I actually like how the lyrics are trying to reflect societal issues but I feel they wanted to push the title Female President so bad. I was expecting the lyrics to focus more on the Female President concept because it’s intriguing what you could do with it.

Oh, and I loved Yura’s rap. “우리나라 대통령도 이제 여자분이신데 뭐가 그렇게 심각해 안돼 여자가 먼저 키스 하면 잡혀가는건가?”

In fine, I think this song will help push the group to further heights, but maybe in the future Dream Tea Entertainment could choose their songs better? I mean in the albums in my opinion they have potential hits there if they just promoted them (listen to ‘Don’t Trust Her’ in the Expectations album and 둘이서 in the Everyday II album).

I wish Girl’s Day the best of luck in the future, and I will continue to root for them. Everyday, Girl’s Day!

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