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NoNoNo? You do mean YesYesYes, right? – A Pink’s 3rd Album ‘Secret Garden’

A Pink - Secret Garden


In the past, I noticed a strange phenomena when my top 3 favorite girl groups, namely Girls’ Generation (that wasn’t obvious, wasn’t it?), Girl’s Day, and A Pink would release their new albums a few weeks or month near each other. A good example of this phenomena was in 2012 when Girl’s Day released Everyday II, then a week later Girls’ Generation’s sub-group TaeTiSeo released Twinkle, then a few weeks later A Pink released Une Annee. I remember April and May 2012 was the summer of feels (that, and unemployment).

This year, Girls’ Generation released I GOT A BOY in January, Girl’s Day’s Expectation in March (Female President in June!), and A Pink’s Secret Garden this month (Seems like Girl’s Day and A Pink has release dates that are next to each other).  Still, all the feels.

With Girls’ Generation slowly veering away from the cute concepts, and Girl’s Day having a Minah and Hyeri near-kiss, I gotta give it to A Pink for being consistent with the cute/fairy concepts. I understand that the cute concept can get milked out and for them to survive might/would need to reinvent their concept at some point in the future, but for now, PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE CONCEPTS FOR THE NEAR AND FORSEEABLE FUTURE formysakepleasepleaseplease

I’m the guy who enjoyed ‘I Don’t Know’, loved ‘MY MY’, was kinda meh with ‘Hush’ (at first, but now I like it), and enjoyed ‘BuBiBu’.

With this album though, they are promoting as a 6-member group with the departure of Yookyung (huhuhu – also, I noticed that there was a significant reduction in English lines with her departure).


  1. U-You (3:25)
  2. NoNoNo (3:40)
  3. Lovely Day (3:00)
  4.  난 니가 필요해 (I Need You) (3:49)
  5. Secret Garden (4:03)
  6. NoNoNo (Instrumental) (3:40)

With Secret Garden, ‘NoNoNo’ and ‘Lovely Day’ (which are the two tracks being promoted) are definite pleasers. NoNoNo, which is about being the strength for your loved one who is lacking it, is catchy, upbeat, and refreshing. I do find the dance break parts a tad bit too long though. I could also say the same for Lovely Day, which is literally a simple yet lovely day with the beloved. The other tracks, including the titular song Secret Garden have yet to creep their way into my ear.

P.S By the way, Kim Nam Joo: welcome to my bias list. Heehee.

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Saranghaeyo hihi

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