Reposting from the Soshified website – WishesForPH: Soshified’s Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund

I’m reposting this from the Soshified website to help reach out to other people who wish to help out my fellow Filipinos who have been ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. As of this post, they’ve raised around $2,907.

Original link:

“The United States Fund for UNICEF is helping children and their families in the Philippines receive shelter, clean water, nutrition, and vaccines. UNICEF’s emergency response can be supported online or by calling 1-800-367-5437. You can donate directly to UNICEF in the Philippines, under Soshified’s “#WishesForPH” project on Crowdrise (only credit cards accepted). Soshified is also accepting donations for the Philippines on Paypal. A webpage for Soshified’s “WishesForPH” project can be found at

A tropical country made up of more than 7,100 volcanic islands, the Philippines is hit by an average of 19 typhoons a year. In addition, it is vulnerable to earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, and landslides. Ongoing conflict in some areas also puts children’s lives at risk.

Super Typhoon Haiyan, also known as “Yolanda”, hit the Philippines with wind speeds up to 235 mph. Before any cyclone is dubbed Category 5, it must have at least 156 mph wind speeds.

Haiyan has far exceeded that minimum requirement.

The super typhoon followed on the heels of a 7.2 earthquake that devastated the Philippines a few weeks before, leaving more than 195 dead, over 50,000 homes destroyed, and 350,000 displaced. Now, two days after Haiyan first landed, more than 10,000 have been killed and over 600,000 have been displaced.

Google Person Finder has launched a page to help find missing persons in the aftermath of the storm. Google Crisis Map is also providing additional evacuation and relief information. Sharing these sites as well will further aid the victims of this latest super typhoon.

Imagine if all of your friends donated just one bottle of water each. How many friends do you have on Facebook — and how many bottles of water would you get if every single one of them made a donation?

Join Soshified in sending aid to the Philippines, a country that would surely do the same for any other nation if the tables were turned. Besides making a donation, you can help Soshified trend #WishesForPH on Twitter to spread the word about the Philippines’ predicament and support global relief efforts. As “SONE” means “wish” in Korean, the project name and hashtag represent the generosity and efforts of SONEs for the Philippines.With the holiday season just around the corner, the season of giving is upon us — help Soshified show the Philippines how much we care.”

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