1 Night & 2 Days Philippines: A pitch by the 7th Grade Civil Servant turned PD

Note:  No, people. No 1 Night & 2 Days Philippines has been planned/is planned/or being planned. This is just a what-if for me, so don’t go looking for news articles for an announcement. For your information and guidance, please. 🙂 

This idea has been simmering in my head ever since I heard of Joo Won leaving the cast of 1 Night & 2 Days. As you know, Philippine media networks have already made their own local version of Korean dramas (Stairway to Heaven i’m looking at you *judging hard*), but no one has bothered to take a look at the K-Variety scene and see the goldmine of ideas there.

For the uninitiated, 1 Night & 2 Days is a variety show on KBS, part of its Happy Sunday lineup. It’s now on its 3rd Season (starting in December) and the cast is led by the veterans of previous seasons Kim Jong-min and Cha Tae Hyun and the newbies Jung Joon Young, Defconn, Kim Joo Hyuk, and one of my favorite gag men from Gag Concert, Kim Jun Ho.

Now, when it comes to variety, the first thing that comes to mind (especially with international K-Variety fans) would be Running Man. Naturally, one would expect that if you were to adapt a K-Variety show, you would pick the most popular one so you’ll have a ready fan base. I even asked friends a few weeks back which K-Variety show they wanted to see adapted for the Philippines and they all answered Running Man, but all of them (yes, ALL) added that they do not see anyone as a potential cast member, which is a telling sign.

While I also appreciate Running Man, I also don’t see anyone as a potential cast member. Plus, I feel that if adapted, Philippine PD’s would have focused the “action” in “urban action variety”. With 1 Night & 2 Days, I see potential. Why? The premise of 1N2D is that they’re a group of friends going out for a trip that would last well, 1 Night & 2 Days. There are missions and challenges (the most important would be the BokBulBok game) along the way too, just like Running Man, but the central focus would be on the place that they would be going to.

Now, i’ve thought about this for days, and I think this would be my lineup for the cast:

Ogie Alcasid (Singer and Comedian)

Ogie Alcasid (Singer and Comedian)

TV Host

Jojo Alejar (TV Host)

Drew Arellano (TV Host)

Drew Arellano (TV Host)

Ramon Bautista (Internet Action Star)

Ramon Bautista (Internet Action Star)

Edu Manzano (Actor and TV Host)

Edu Manzano (Actor and TV Host)

Derek Ramsay (Actor, TV Host, Model, also a lookalike of the 7th Grade (mentally) Civil Servant)

Derek Ramsay (Actor, TV Host, Model, also a lookalike of the 7th Grade (mentally) Civil Servant)

Sam YG (Soldier of Love)

Sam YG (Soldier of Love)

Now, if you’d notice, everyone or almost everyone in the cast has experience in hosting. Which means any of them can MC/carry the show. But for 1N2D Philippines, I can see the more senior members Ogie Alcasid and Edu Manzano be the main MCs of the program.

When I made the lineup, Ogie’s name first came to mind because i’ve seen him host TV shows and do comedy. He’s a perfect fit for 1N2D Philippines because he’s also someone who’s relatable to the general audience. I also picked Jojo A. because he’s been hosting a late night talk show for years, and also a relatable everyday man. Drew Arellano I picked because I watched him in this GMA News TV travel show Balikbayan where I think he really did well, and he has a nice, likeable personality. Edu Manzano I think would be the Yoo Hae-Jin of 1N2D Philippines. He’s an established actor, but he can also not take himself seriously and just have fun and laughs. Ramon Bautista and Sam YG would bring in the younger viewers and a different style of comedy to the table, and it would be fun seeing the two Boys Night Out staples interacting with the ultimate macho man (and former host of The Amazing Race Philippines), Derek Ramsay. Haha.

There’s also one rule of variety that I feel this cast won’t break, which is that in variety, you should be prepared to break down your image for your audience.

As for the locations, I can envision a partnership with the Department of Tourism because this can be in line with the #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines campaign. DoT can recommend locations for the show, and the production staff can build a theme or a challenge around it. I also remember an episode in 1N2D Season 2 when they went on a 24 hour Campus Challenge (they stayed in different colleges and universities and essentially lived the life of a student for 24 hours), and I can see the same happening for this adaptation. I can even see the 24 Hour Campus Challenge easily become a 24 Hour Ateneo-La Salle Campus Challenge where the cast is divided into Blue Eagles and Green Archers, which culminates with them having to get tickets (without using their contacts) for an upcoming Ateneo-La Salle UAAP Men’s Basketball game!

Also, I would also recommend an imposition of a guest ban for the first 5 or so episodes so that this cast would be able to bond completely first before introducing guests for their trips.

I think this show has a lot of potential. I can just imagine Derek Ramsay battling Ramon Bautista on who can eat half of a watermelon the fastest for a spot to sleep inside a Bahay Kubo. Haha!

I would also like to hear your thoughts on what K-Variety show should be adapted for the Philippines, or if you’re from another country, then for your own. Hit the comments section and I look forward to reading them. Kamsahamnida! 😀

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3 thoughts on “1 Night & 2 Days Philippines: A pitch by the 7th Grade Civil Servant turned PD

  1. clarascookie says:

    First of all, you’re right about the issues about finding the cast for Running Man. I can’t imagine anyone in the show, as much as I’d love to see a local version. With WGM, it’s hard to make people swallow the idea of Xian Lim acting lovey-dovey with someone who isn’t Kim Chiu; with our “Love Team” culture here and all.

    1N2D is probably one of the more feasible variety shows to adapt. I think this could work, so long as they stick to the original concept (and making it more about the place than the cast).

    The cast makes perfect sense to me. I can totally imagine all these people ruining their images and making fools of themselves on national TV (and being good sports about it too). And yes, I can imagine Ramon Bautista and Derek Ramsay battling it out for the comfiest spot to sleep in the Bahay Kubo >:3 Or maybe Sam YG and Jojo Alejar running like crazy for that last plate of adobo. And Drew Arellano currently has a show called Biyahe ni Drew which involves going to places around the Philippines and he’s a good host, so I think his inclusion here will be an advantage to the show (since most likely he’s been to a certain destination before) It can be both educational and entertainment

    Ogie or Edu can be the main host as they’re the ones most viewers are familiar with, but Ogie has that more relatable appeal to the masses.

    If done right, a collaboration with DoT will work and like you said push that #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines campaign to a new level. It will make people want to visit local destinations that were filming spots for the show. The school edition can work, especially that whole Ateneo-La Salle thing. It will be a laugh to see them lining up with the mere mortals at the crack of dawn for tickets. And it would be funny to see them trying to blend in the schools. (Oooh! That can be another challenge! Go around campus undetected #chos)

    I also like the idea of a guest ban. I’d like my cast to be really tight-knit and bros with each other before bringing in guests to the show. This show has potential if done properly. It’s another way for the public to get to know these celebs in a way that’s not frustrating /coughPBBcough/

    • I’m also looking at a special crossover episode between 1N2D Korea and 1N2D Philippines (probably for the 1 year anniversary of the show or something – assuming the show lives for that long haha) where our cast gets traded for theirs and vice versa haha

      Whoever the PD is for this one has to make sure that they stay true to the concept of the Korean one (I do not know how the Chinese version is doing at the moment) and that the focus would be on having fun and not taking themselves seriously.

      And as for Running Man, I cannot see anyone as of the moment who has the gravitas of a Yoo Jae Suk. And I feel that with all the betrayal going on in RM, someone might take it personally lol

      • clarascookie says:

        IKR. Gosh, with our celebs here having some serious trust issues, I think the “attacks” in Running Man might become for real instead of just for the sake of the game.

        You should consider being a PD. Seriously

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