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What’s after ‘happily ever after’: KBS Drama Special – Like A Fairy Tale


Hi all! Apologies for not having updated my blog for the rest of April. I was swamped with you know, my day job. Setting meetings and attending meetings and all that. Plus, I have been brainstorming ideas for the next blog post. I planned to write a thought piece on the change of look of Girl’s Day, my opinion on the Gwiyomi craze in the Philippines, even a full blown love letter to Tiffany Hwang (hey, that’s not a bad idea actually). But I chose to push through with my thoughts on KBS’ Drama Special, specifically ‘Like A Fairy Tale’. It’s the first time I’ve watched Drama Special, and this particular installment got my full attention.

A few weeks ago, I had to wake up early for something (I don’t even remember why I had to wake up early), so while getting ready I turned on the telly (oh it rhymes) and Drama Special was on. I wasn’t able to start it from the beginning (and wasn’t able to finish it since I had to leave), so I thought it was a Cinderella story, guy version. But I found the scenes cute, so I decided to see if there was episodes online. I guess the Goddesses of Good Luck found favor with me since KBS World uploaded all three episodes on YouTube! There, I was able to watch the fairy tale of Myeong-Je and Jang-Mi.

By the way, here are the links on KBS World’s YouTube channel if you’re interested.

Ep 1 1/7 –

Ep 2 1/7 –

Ep 3 1/7 –

Ep 4 1/7 –

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Soliloquy for Shin Hye: The Memory of One’s First Love

This was one of the photos on my Freshman High School Clearbook.

This was one of the photos on my Freshman High School Clearbook.

I know very well that Park Shin Hye was in Manila for a fan meeting last weekend (March 16 to be precise), and as much as I really wanted to go, I couldn’t afford it. Yes, I know some of you are going to say “BUT YOU BOUGHT AN PHP 11K TICKET FOR GIRLS GENERATION WHO ONLY PERFORMED SIX SONGS” but I was being trying to be fiscally responsible (damn, the terms I get from my job) hence a Php 5k ticket for a chance to meet her and get an autograph seemed impractical. I wanted to buy the silver ticket which was half the price but still, by then I was low on funds and I need all the money I could squeeze out of my poor poor bank account.

Oh yeah, those six songs were worth every damn peso.

Now why did I want to see Park Shin Hye? Because she was my first Korean love. 

Since I wasn’t able to see Shin Hye, I dedicate this blog post to the memory of my crush on Park Shin Hye, Stairway to Heaven, and how I drowned in the Hallyu Wave.

AYO STOP. LET’S BRING IT BACK TO 2004 (heh I Got A Boy reference)  Continue reading

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“What dies though it lives, and lives though it dies?” – My Rooftop Prince Review


While I was on leave for the past two weeks, I promised myself that I was going to do one of my favorite things, which is to marathon a Korean Drama, no matter how physically and emotionally taxing it would be. You see, I’ve been watching KDramas since High School, and when I do watch a KDrama, I have this habit of watching it until the wee hours of morning (the latest I stayed up was for Stairway to Heaven – 5:00 in the morning) until my eyes can’t handle it anymore, so I really have to watch it on the weekends or when I am on vacation. So, after finishing the first season of Homeland, I popped in my copy of Rooftop Prince while the family’s electric bill steadily rose.

For my review, I will not be going into it episode by episode but instead take the series as a whole. Here there be spoilers.

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Less words. More pics. Fun read.


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Eien no Kataomoi

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