Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan!

Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan sa Republika ng Pilipinas!


Lupa ng araw ng luwalhati’t pagsinta, buhay ay langit sa piling mo. Aming ligaya na pag may mang-aapi, ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo.

(Land of the sun, of glory, and loving,
Life is Heaven in Thine embrace.
‘Tis our joy, when there be oppressor,
To die because of Thee.)

-Lupang Hinirang, Philippine National Anthem


Set Phasers to Fun: Star Trek Into Darkness – The IMAX Experience


Annyeong haseyo, yeorobun!

Today, allow me to review something that’s not remotely related to KPop. Not that I have outgrown my love for it (believe me, I don’t. haha), but instead, I want to expose you to another great passion of mine, one that predates my love for Korean Pop Culture. Yes, that’s right. I’m a Trekkie.

This time, I move from SM Academy to Starfleet Academy by giving my thoughts on the 2nd installment of J.J. Abrams’ rebooted (and beloved) Star Trek film franchise. And what better way to enjoy this science fiction film by viewing it in the most technologically advanced theatre system to date.

As with most of my posts, here there be spoilers. Continue reading

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What’s after ‘happily ever after’: KBS Drama Special – Like A Fairy Tale


Hi all! Apologies for not having updated my blog for the rest of April. I was swamped with you know, my day job. Setting meetings and attending meetings and all that. Plus, I have been brainstorming ideas for the next blog post. I planned to write a thought piece on the change of look of Girl’s Day, my opinion on the Gwiyomi craze in the Philippines, even a full blown love letter to Tiffany Hwang (hey, that’s not a bad idea actually). But I chose to push through with my thoughts on KBS’ Drama Special, specifically ‘Like A Fairy Tale’. It’s the first time I’ve watched Drama Special, and this particular installment got my full attention.

A few weeks ago, I had to wake up early for something (I don’t even remember why I had to wake up early), so while getting ready I turned on the telly (oh it rhymes) and Drama Special was on. I wasn’t able to start it from the beginning (and wasn’t able to finish it since I had to leave), so I thought it was a Cinderella story, guy version. But I found the scenes cute, so I decided to see if there was episodes online. I guess the Goddesses of Good Luck found favor with me since KBS World uploaded all three episodes on YouTube! There, I was able to watch the fairy tale of Myeong-Je and Jang-Mi.

By the way, here are the links on KBS World’s YouTube channel if you’re interested.

Ep 1 1/7 –

Ep 2 1/7 –

Ep 3 1/7 –

Ep 4 1/7 –

Here there be spoilers.  Continue reading

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Whoever said it was impossible to miss what you never had? – Cyrano Agency


“I missed the times that we almost shared. I miss the love that was almost there. I miss the times that we used to kiss, at least in my dreams. Just let me take my time and reminisce. I miss the times that we never had. What happened to us? We were almost there. Whoever said it was impossible to miss what you never had, never almost had you.” Almost, Tamia (2008)

The other day, Soshified reported that our Shikshin Sooyoung was cast in the female lead role for a new KDrama titled ‘Cyrano Agency’. They said this was to be a prequel to the 2010 movie of the same name. Curious, I decided to see what it was all about. It also helps that Park Shin Hye was also in the movie (Sorry Tiffany).

Oh yeah, you might think that it’s weird that I am quoting Tamia’s ‘Almost’, but I had this strange feeling while watching the movie that it fits. The song feels right. And I’ll explain why after I give a brief rundown of the film’s events.

Here there be spoilers. Continue reading

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Invincible Youth Season 3 According to the 7th Grade Civil Servant turned PD (Oooh it rhymes)

Note: No, people. No Invincible Youth 3 has been planned/is planned/or being planned. This is just a what-if for me, so don’t go looking for news articles for an announcement. For your information and guidance, please. 🙂

Yes. Invincible Youth was like a bullet train that hit me hard (you’ll find my thoughts on Season 1 in the earlier posts of my blog: So yesterday, I decided to watch an episode of Season 2, particularly Episode 5 where Sunny and Suzy go back to Yoochiri and Sunkyu gives the Giant Maknae a tour of the old idol village, introduces her to Village Chief Noh, Village Chief Wangoo, and the famous Road Lee, and reminisces about the times they spent as G7. I understand that Season 2 was not exactly the hit Season 1 was, and some fans have been clamoring for a Season 3 to absolve the “sins” of  the previous season. I was looking around for some discussions on KPop forums on what some fans think on how the G7 should be constituted. One comment that amused me was forming a G12(!) with the original G7 (sorry to Jooyeon, Sori, and Victoria if that would be the case) and the G5. Some believe that IY sunbaes such as Sunny, Hara, Hyoyeon, and Yewon should be part of the Gn while having new members. Some believe a spin-off having a B7, or Boy 7 should happen.

All of what i’ve stated above are interesting ideas and what-ifs, but in my opinion, I believe that the new Gn should be a clean break from the past. That would mean as much as I would love to include Yewon (because I believe she was really trying her best in Season 2) and Sunkyu (due to her experience, and the bridge that would connect all seasons together, heck, she could even be the new host!), I think this might cause comparisons with the previous seasons.

So if I were the PD for a possible IY3, this is how I would cast it: Continue reading

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Soliloquy for Shin Hye: The Memory of One’s First Love

This was one of the photos on my Freshman High School Clearbook.

This was one of the photos on my Freshman High School Clearbook.

I know very well that Park Shin Hye was in Manila for a fan meeting last weekend (March 16 to be precise), and as much as I really wanted to go, I couldn’t afford it. Yes, I know some of you are going to say “BUT YOU BOUGHT AN PHP 11K TICKET FOR GIRLS GENERATION WHO ONLY PERFORMED SIX SONGS” but I was being trying to be fiscally responsible (damn, the terms I get from my job) hence a Php 5k ticket for a chance to meet her and get an autograph seemed impractical. I wanted to buy the silver ticket which was half the price but still, by then I was low on funds and I need all the money I could squeeze out of my poor poor bank account.

Oh yeah, those six songs were worth every damn peso.

Now why did I want to see Park Shin Hye? Because she was my first Korean love. 

Since I wasn’t able to see Shin Hye, I dedicate this blog post to the memory of my crush on Park Shin Hye, Stairway to Heaven, and how I drowned in the Hallyu Wave.

AYO STOP. LET’S BRING IT BACK TO 2004 (heh I Got A Boy reference)  Continue reading

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Invincible Youth and Reality Television


Before I get on with my thoughts on Invincible Youth, I’d like to address a question that would probably be forming in your minds as of this moment.

7th Grade Civil Servant, why are you posting your thoughts on something that was aired from 2009 to 2010???

-It’s never too late to post your thoughts about something you feel so passionately about 😉 plus, in 2009 I was just a rookie in the KPop world so you’ll have to forgive me for being late with stuff 😛

7th Grade Civil Servant, you haven’t posted in two weeks.

-I know, right? I did my first posts when I was still on two weeks leave. After that I had to go back to work so I wasn’t able to creatively form an idea for my next post. Work got in the way. HAHAHA

7th Grade Civil Servant, another post on a KBS show?

-Yeah, because I could only afford the basic Korean package so that’s why I could only watch KBS World and Channel M. I wouldn’t pay an extra Php 900/month for the complete Korean pack. MBC and SBS aren’t subtitled. Haha.

Permission to carry on. Really? Okay then. Continue reading

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Discoveries of Life – My thoughts on KBS’ Gag Concert


Last year, the family’s cable provider asked us to upgrade to a digital set top box. Because it was for free (and because we were having trouble accessing channels such as sports), opted for the free digibox upgrade. Now, I was kinda excited since when I checked the channel list, we had KBS World, MBC, SBS, and tVN on the lineup. Little did I know that I had to pay an additional fee to be able to access those channels. After much thought, I decided to subscribe to the Korean Pack which our cable provider had, which included KBS World, tVN (now Channel M), MBN, and CTS, for only an additional Php 199/month. Decided on that pack since SBS and MBC did not have subtitles while KBS World and tVN do, plus I get access to MCountdown and Music Bank!  I also got to watch Invincible Youth Season 2 (well at least the part of the season when they made it into Invincible Bed & Breakfast) and Gag Concert on Friday nights at 10:20 PM (Philippine time).

Now, my first exposure to Gag Concert was through YouTube when I wanted to look at parodies of KPop girl group songs, since they had a lot of those such as Girl’s Day’s ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ that was made into trot and Girls’ Generation’s ‘Gee’ to the tune of soldiers chanting (which apparently sounds like most fanboys fanchanting to Gee. Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby). But since I now had access to full episodes every week, I decided to give it a try.

Gag Concert is one of the longest running sketch comedy shows in South Korea. They’ve had over 700 episodes since they started broadcasting in September 1999. Now, i’ve noticed that unlike other sketch comedy TV shows such as NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ and our very own ‘Bubble Gang’, Gag Concert’s ‘corners’ or sketches do not change. What only changes are the situations in the sketch. Also, there would be times that they would be  making references (such as riddles or sayings) that only Koreans would understand so it’s best to try to make context clues when these happen haha.  For purposes of this blog post, I will be listing down my favorite sketches and provide a quick run-down of them.

Note: videos are not mine.

Continue reading

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“What dies though it lives, and lives though it dies?” – My Rooftop Prince Review


While I was on leave for the past two weeks, I promised myself that I was going to do one of my favorite things, which is to marathon a Korean Drama, no matter how physically and emotionally taxing it would be. You see, I’ve been watching KDramas since High School, and when I do watch a KDrama, I have this habit of watching it until the wee hours of morning (the latest I stayed up was for Stairway to Heaven – 5:00 in the morning) until my eyes can’t handle it anymore, so I really have to watch it on the weekends or when I am on vacation. So, after finishing the first season of Homeland, I popped in my copy of Rooftop Prince while the family’s electric bill steadily rose.

For my review, I will not be going into it episode by episode but instead take the series as a whole. Here there be spoilers.

Continue reading

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My Dream KPop Fantasy Concert Fanaccount

First, let’s acknowledge the fact that the Dream KPop Fantasy Concert held in the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds was held last January 19, 2013. Which means i’m writing this fanaccount two weeks after the fact. Which means I don’t give a damn since I still remember everything clearly like it was yesterday. Which also means, I haven’t moved on. Haha.

Second, an aid memoire to start this post. I’ve been a fan since 2009 ever since a friend of mine told me, “Ramon, stop watching Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’ and look at this”. It was the MV of Tell Me Your Wish. From there, it all went downhill (or uphill, depends on what lens you’re looking at). Anyway, there have been rumors of an SNSD concert in Manila since 2009, and since then my heart has been broken since they never happen. So in that fateful day of September 2012, somebody announced that SNSD will be in Manila for a concert in January 2013 along with some other acts (i’m not dissing the other acts mind you. Once SNSD was mentioned, everything else was a blur. I hope you understand fellow fans). It would be titled “Dream KPop Fantasy Concert”. My reaction?


^By the way, I found out about that while I was in the office. And yes, that was my response. In the office. In a Government Institution.

But then, it was semi-official because Happee Sy (the woman who helps bring Super Junior and other KPop acts in the Philippines) kinda confirmed it.

By October, it was official. Rumoured ticket prices for seats in front were around 15k. My reaction?


^Reality was, I wasn’t technically earning yet. As you know with government, you don’t get paid immediately. Hahaha.

Anyway I convinced my father to loan me some money to the tune of Php 11.3k for Standing VIP tickets which I bought in late October, a few days after ticket selling went live. (I’m still paying for my Personal Loan, btw). Decided to get SVIP because the Diamond VIP tickets were seated and I thought that it was too far from seeing my beloved Girls’ Generation and my girlfriend who doesn’t know I exist, Tiffany Hwang .

Fast forward to January 19, 2013. Continue reading

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Less words. More pics. Fun read.


We all have something good to say

Eien no Kataomoi

Sorry you got the insane one.