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Taste the Rainbow | POP! POP! C-RA-YON POP!

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I was in Korea for two weeks to attend the 2013 Youth Camp for Asia’s Future. During one of our tours in Gyeongju, I saw my Korean friends Hyun Jung, Yeah Hyun, and So Yeon taking pictures while jumping up and down. Intrigued, I asked them what they were doing, and they replied that it was a dance from a song that was sweeping Korea.

Friends, that’s how I began my interest in this rookie group called Crayon Pop.

For the uninitiated, they are a 5 member girl group who debuted in 2012 and composed of Gummi (Baek Bo Ram, 25), Ellin (Kim Min Young, 23), Choa (Heo Min Jin, 23), Way (Heo Min Seon, 23), and Soyul (Park Hye Kyeong, 22).

L-R: Ellin, Soyul, Way, Choa, and Gummi

L-R: Ellin, Soyul, Way, Choa, and Gummi

And yes, Choa and Way are twins.

That’s right. TWINS.

It also helps that they're only 4 days older than me heehee

It also helps that they’re only 4 days older than me heehee

Now, Crayon Pop shot up in popularity not only in Korea but also in certain parts of the world because of the song from their 4th Single Album, Bar Bar Bar.

Bar Bar Bar’s popularity sparked tons of parody videos, from police departments to the US Army. This song also beat out EXO’s ‘Growl’ for 1st Place on Music Bank for a week.

I will admit that at first, I thought Bar Bar Bar was going to be Crayon Pop’s only claim to fame, but having listened to their other songs (Saturday Night, Dancing Queen, and Bing Bing – I implore you all to check these songs out), Crayon Pop’s songs are catchy and addicting! I was wondering why these songs turned out to be underrated, and after going deeper in the Crayon Pop fandom (I prefer to be called a p-oppa, since pop-jusshi is reserved for the older fans – btw, if p-oppa catches on, you heard it here first, folks lol), I realized that Chrome Entertainment is a very small agency, with Crayon Pop as their first foray into K-Pop! In fact, in an interview, the agency was deemed too small that they had a hard time getting the girls on music shows! The girls turned to guerilla concerts around Seoul to get people to listen to them and bring them to the public’s consciousness (there’s one time that they conducted a guerilla concert during winter!) . Crayon Pop also got Japan’s attention, and had moderate success there.

I also read in an interview with the CEO of Chrome Entertainment, Bar Bar Bar was supposed to be their last stand. If it failed, then everybody would part ways and say that it was a wonderful adventure. I guess their gamble paid off.

I look forward to listening to future songs by Crayon Pop. I’m now a huge fan of them (they’ve entered Ramon’s Top 4 Girl Groups, and Way made it to the bias list – I should write about that some other time) and I hope they become very, very successful. Why?

Because they deserve it.

Crayon Pop’s other music videos:

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