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1 Night & 2 Days Philippines: A pitch by the 7th Grade Civil Servant turned PD

Note:  No, people. No 1 Night & 2 Days Philippines has been planned/is planned/or being planned. This is just a what-if for me, so don’t go looking for news articles for an announcement. For your information and guidance, please. 🙂 

This idea has been simmering in my head ever since I heard of Joo Won leaving the cast of 1 Night & 2 Days. As you know, Philippine media networks have already made their own local version of Korean dramas (Stairway to Heaven i’m looking at you *judging hard*), but no one has bothered to take a look at the K-Variety scene and see the goldmine of ideas there.

For the uninitiated, 1 Night & 2 Days is a variety show on KBS, part of its Happy Sunday lineup. It’s now on its 3rd Season (starting in December) and the cast is led by the veterans of previous seasons Kim Jong-min and Cha Tae Hyun and the newbies Jung Joon Young, Defconn, Kim Joo Hyuk, and one of my favorite gag men from Gag Concert, Kim Jun Ho.

Now, when it comes to variety, the first thing that comes to mind (especially with international K-Variety fans) would be Running Man. Naturally, one would expect that if you were to adapt a K-Variety show, you would pick the most popular one so you’ll have a ready fan base. I even asked friends a few weeks back which K-Variety show they wanted to see adapted for the Philippines and they all answered Running Man, but all of them (yes, ALL) added that they do not see anyone as a potential cast member, which is a telling sign.

While I also appreciate Running Man, I also don’t see anyone as a potential cast member. Plus, I feel that if adapted, Philippine PD’s would have focused the “action” in “urban action variety”. With 1 Night & 2 Days, I see potential. Why? The premise of 1N2D is that they’re a group of friends going out for a trip that would last well, 1 Night & 2 Days. There are missions and challenges (the most important would be the BokBulBok game) along the way too, just like Running Man, but the central focus would be on the place that they would be going to.

Now, i’ve thought about this for days, and I think this would be my lineup for the cast:

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